Friday, February 12, 2016

Hallelujah on the Hill - Original Christian song


On the hill, I look up heaven and wonder how it's like

I stand up high, and stretch out my hand to touch the sky

thinking deep, I wonder if You can read my mind

what do I do, to inherit the promise of old?

And out of the mount, the first light of the sun warms my face

As if I can glimpse Your Light on the highest hill

Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah x2

I praise Your name, deep down inside me I know that You care

Dwell in Your House, I want to hear the word of truth

and lead me to the Way the Truth and the Life

the promise of old where Your Spirit pours on the highest hill.

Wrote this song on a breezy day in the UK, 
imagining myself someone looking for heaven, for God, for those promises of old.
When God guides me to His highest hill, all I can sing is just Hallelujah.
Have a listen here at original song recorded live

Monday, January 25, 2016

Those Wonderful Feet

Isaiah 52: 7 
how beautiful on the mountains 
are the feet of those who bring good news,
proclaim peace, bring God's good tidings
and proclaim salvation!

Our feet symbolize the tools for practical actions "which bring good news" 
about the Gospel. Have you ever thickened your face to distribute church pamphlets to strangers by the street, or walked from house to house to tell about an evangelical service in the neighborhood? My view is, that action does more to edify the doer than the hearer. 

I would highlight several situations to invoke your passion for better servitude:

- O Feet, to the Shadowed Corners- 

Hidden in the shadows of the chapel, some are trying their best to stay "low-profile". Yet, they still desire to be loved. Most Asians are shy and, many are anti-social in TJC. 
Ask yourself, don't you want someone to actually understand your problems and needs? Instead of waiting to be loved, you can and should start to rekindle love among your spiritual family, starting from yourself to love others.
If I hadn't taken the effort to observe, I wouldn't notice an old aunty who can't find the bible page and she desperately needs help for it. In fact, I myself was unfamiliar with bible chapters but by helping this aunty to flip the bible, I learned to flip fast for the right page.
If you hadn't reached out on Facebook to ask "hallelujah, how is it going?"
you wouldn't know how much a brother or sister needed to be cared. 
Regardless of age (youths or elder), background, language, there is no barrier in love, 
but there are only excuses.
So, where do your feet go to at church? Was it the love feast in the kitchen, or the self-indulgent Candy Crush on your phone during boring sermons? Or simply, your feet find it comfy just staying wherever they are, doing absolutely nothing for God?

- O Feet, to the House of Mourning - 

I have a friend who lost his dear sibling due to a deadly disease. 
Due to lack of help, I assisted him with a simple funeral (not a Christian funeral). 
There were not a couple of visitors at the funeral parlour and we withstood the scorching Malaysian heat of the day with rarely anyone to come for comfort. 
That is the first time I felt that we really needed comfort and support
from people's attendance. 
I personally pictured in my mind, how wonderful would it be 
if my dear brothers and sisters in Christ could come visit us, 
although my friend was just a truthseeker. 
The following day, another church memorial service took place somewhere else. 
The family members were not zealous Christians. 
But at the end of the service, it was an uncle's turn to represent the family for a few words.
"I thank you, for your coming" he swallowed his emotion, "thank you for bringing us back to Jesus." 

- O Feet, to the House of the Sick- 

When the young student fellowship first headed out for the first visiting in a crammed Proton Satria, we had some names on the list, both believers and unbelievers. We visited my neighbour, a bed-ridden old uncle in the hospital. We simply went with smiles and wishes, and had a prayer with his consent, for his recovery. 
To our surprise, a big manly uncle as he had always been, he cried.Love nourishes the heart of the sick, and laughter brings healing (Proverbs 17:22).
Simply because, it was his time of need and we were there for him, bringing God's love with us.
Peter was reluctant at first to go to Cornelius' house, as he said to Cornelius,  "you are well aware that it is against our law for a Jew to associate with a Gentile or visit him", but God sent him there and Peter would "discipline" his feet to go there, probably against his ideals.
God manifested His great power, showering the Holy Spirit upon the Gentiles. 
It is not easy to control our feet to perform God's work.
Regardless, it is a spiritual battle that we have to consciously fight, with discipline against our fleshly desires for pleasurable things, instead of for lethargic work. I know how that feels, but let's work it out together. 
Send our feet where the Lord sends us.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

No Time No Talent No Mood, so no Church

Ever felt like you have lost your commitment in going to church 
and feel completely guilty about it?

Well, that guilt can save your life, the spiritual life that is.

Hebrews 10:25 "not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as ye see the Day approaching."

It is really easy to lose sight of spiritual needs once you lose sight of going to Church,
and you sink into the sandstorm of worldly troubles, if not worldly pleasures.
Knowing that True Jesus Church is the true Church,
but not believing from your heart cannot rouse you to any spiritual edification. If you are one whose faith is kind of lukewarm, and your faith is like walking along a tight rope,
knowing fully well that you need more commitment in church, yet your faith is so brittle and fragile,
maybe these could be your excuses: No time, no talent, no mood, lastly it lands you to "no church" anymore.

Praise be to God, for placing me in Manchester Prayer House in my summer semester in 2014.
In a small and unsightly and "nothing-so-special" church, my course mates have built their faith with God by watching and learning from brothers and sisters there. Nothing fanciful, yet it could cure us of those cliche excuses:

No Time

A brother who served as the church program planner, also served as a physician at the hospital. If you had even played in those roles, they are not easy. Both jobs are time-consuming.
Thank God, his wife testified, with eyes brimming with teary emotion, that he is always busy. So busy that whenever he had a short break from his job, he would waste no time and fumble out his phone, not to Facebook, but rush to schedule the church programs, to do divine work. He shows no sign of complaint, of fatigue, of tiredness. Every single time I saw him, he was always charged with joy and thankfulness to God. He and his wife lived such exemplary life of servitude together.
Then I guessed his secret recipe was none other than God Himself.
He has had seen God not in short-lived miracles, but in the preciousness of His Word and promises. Whenever I think back of his beautiful testimony, I yearn that God would say to him "well done, good and faithful servant!" (Matt 25:23)

No Talent

You cannot speak a sermon, cannot interpret, cannot play the instrument? Are you already bound in a box of those restrictions? Think out of the box. Service to God is not limited to those. And if you are interested in those areas of service, pray and work towards it. A talent can be gifted, but must be nurtured on your own initiative.

A sister in Manchester prayer house, travels to church on her own, despite her disability. She is disabled, yet more abled than any of us in her great love. She made handmade souvenirs for us foreign students. And during church fellowships, she cooks for us sitting in her wheelchair.
Have we ever done such actions of love to truthseekers or minority believers?

Being in the wheelchair, yet she is not confined to her disability in service to God.

There is no sign of sorrow and grumbling, just all sunny and cheery and always full of laughter.
There might be hard times for her but she has now resolved to serve the Lord and she is looking all sweet about it. It drove me to tears as I questioned myself, would I demand God for healing or otherwise reject God? Would I demand more than I am already blessed with? Blessing is not about finally getting what we want, but be contented with what we have and praise God.
Now, did you say "no transport" so you can't come to church? She never had to ask. She called a cab.

No Mood

Another sister there, came to church with her usual sweet and broad smiles and very heart-warming greetings. During the bible study at a youth sharing session, she surprisingly broke into tears.

She had been covering up the burdensome sorrow in her heart about her unemployment and the passing of someone really dear to her. She was disheartened that she couldn't even fork out enough money to travel to meet him before he passed on. It was heart-breaking.
Nonetheless, she insisted to come. She did not relent to sorrow by NOT coming to church. She knew she needed God more in these trying times.
If it were you, would that turn into your valid reason for missing a Sabbath service?
No mood due to broken courtship? No mood due to poor grades?
Don't let it. instead, let us "never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord" (Rom 12:11)

Hope this benefits you in our spiritual battles against flesh.
And resolve to be the driver to a glorious and spiritual Church. Glory to God. Amen.

Monday, April 29, 2013

《上行之诗 · 诗篇第一百二十一篇》

诗121:1 - 2

你的帮助从哪来? 你的靠山是什么?
钱财?是不是银行里的钱越多,心就越安定呢? (诗49:6-12;提前6:17;言3:4-5)
智慧?亿万富翁如BillGates,他们用脑赚钱。智慧是靠山? (林前1:19-21;赛29:14)
才能?黄金右脚,明星的美脸;歌手的声音。这些才能可以成为靠山吗? (诗20:7,59:5)

我们所谓的靠山,未必靠得住 (诗46:2)

诗121:1 我要向山举目;我的帮助从何而来﹖



保护你的脚 = 保护你人生道路 忐忑不安的人生
脚 = 人生旅途

1-2节 用“我……”第一人称
3节 用“你……”第二人称
以色列 = 神的王子,宝贵疼爱的神之儿女 (申33:1-3;赛46:3-4,49:14-15,40:30,28)







这就是神无微不至的爱~ <3

Friday, April 5, 2013

Hi old folks! Admit it, we're old now!

Hey Hey You You!
Today is 6/4/2013
The dates can be such significant source of nostalgia,
reading back some posts here, make us think back of the past.
How we were so simple-minded, whole-heartedly devoted to the Lord.

Amazing indeed!
Thank God for those fond memories, and those bitter times, too!

Grow up in age, in wisdom, in value
Life is a roller coaster, or some ocean waves,
full of ups and downs, of surprises, of changes.
The only thing constant in this world is called Change.
Our age, has changed! no more Form 3 boys and girls are we?!

Come on, we gotta grow up someday! :P
However, as our body grow, does our mind grow?
Some say,
Life doesn't count on how many years you've lived,
but on how much value you've lived.
Jesus lived 33 years but He created the greatest value in His life,
that brought change to all mankind, past and future.
We are His heir, His children, how much value have we lived? :D

Apart and Away
Now look, Chi Yang is in the teaching industry, Josh in accounting,
and everyone is on different paths.
One's career decides one's ways of life (lifestyle)
Your career can be a potential impact to your faith.
However, how do we attempt to blend our life with God's sacred presence?

Best of Both Worlds
Yes, the physical world and the spiritual world.
Like Daniel, one who pleases the mortal King and excelled in the palace,
and also pleases the King of kings who lives Above.
Like Nehemiah, devoted to his work and excelled,
also brought out time to rebuild the Wall.

Not here to nag or to teach,
no qualification lar me... haha
But hope this sharing can ring a bell,
bring us closer to God amidst this awfully busy and cruel society.
Work life is a different world.
Out there, lots of thoughts and wisdom and things good or bad,
 are waiting for us to explore, overcome, and claim victory from,
and lastly, give all glory to God. 

Friday, December 28, 2012


台湾·黄传道 YTTC 2012.12.11

约 9 章







赛41:14 你這蟲雅各和你們以色列人,不要害怕!耶和華說:我必幫助你。你的救贖主就是以色列的聖者。15看哪,我已使你成為有快齒打糧的新器具;你要把山嶺打得粉碎,使岡陵如同糠粃。



赛10:15 斧豈可向用斧砍木的自誇呢?鋸豈可向用鋸的自大呢?好比棍掄起那舉棍的,好比杖舉起那非木的人。


提后 2:21 人若自潔,脫離卑賤的事,就必作貴重的器皿,成為聖潔,合乎主用,預備行各樣的善事。












PS: 当有一天你成了被吐口水的土,不只是你得福,大家也得福。

Monday, October 1, 2012

We are the Advertisement

Hey bro n sis, it's been a while since my last update.

The EMO Trend
Just here to share a very personal voice.
But youngsters nowadays are really getting into the "EMO trend".
Everyone gets EMO, well, everyone has the right to be; To be angry, sad, apologetic, and overjoyed, such expressions are simply human emotions.
And negative emotions become more rampant and overwhelming in your free time, like when you have nothing better to do. Haha. Just the human tendency.

Well, since I am a media student, advertising a company, a product, a person is potentially crucial in today's context.
How do we advertise ourselves? Think about it if you haven't.
Our every conduct and word, thought and expression, is advertisement of ourselves, and things related to us. "Rom 14:7, 8 For none of us lives to himself alone and none of us dies to himself alone."

Advertise yourself: 
imagine yourself as a product, you need to be of great quality.
you need to make sure you sell off a good image, to attract "customers".

As a Christian of the True Church, advertise yourself well, you are the Church's ambassador, God's holy vessel. You must lead a much more joyful life than any other "products", much more reliable and dignified, always positive and thankful in times good or bad, always smiling from the innermost core. 

Why? Because you want to convey the Truth about having Christ, tell forth this to all friends, not necessarily by words, but by advertisement of your day-to-day lifestyle.

"Ephesians 4:29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen"

The Promise
bro n sis, thus, let's promise to live a much happier, joyful, forward-looking, godly life to attract the wanderers with the goodness of Christian lifestyle! It should really be the case. Christians are the happiest bunch even in the hardest of times, so live like one! God bless!